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Cr7 Seasons 2017: Lose in La Liga

There are two versions of Cristiano Ronaldo this season. Firstly, Ronaldo is sluggish in La Liga while there is a sharp Ronaldo in the Champions League. What's up, Ronaldo?

Ronaldo like that has always been the spotlight when the performance of Real Madrid was bad or even when the middle of looking okay though. Well, unfortunately this time Ronaldo in the spotlight because Madrid play bad.

The most powerful indication is when Madrid fell at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Champions League fourth Matchday at Wembley Stadium on Thursday (2/11/2017). Madrid lost by a score of 1-3 in which Ronaldo scored a consolation goal for his team.

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For Madrid, this is their second successive defeat after a subdued from Girona last weekend. The results added to Madrid's poor start to the season when they have lost three times in all competitions.

In La Liga, Madrid are now stuck in fourth with 20 points, eight points clear of Barcelona at the top. In the Champions League, Madrid as defending champion still have to wait for the fifth Matchday to ensure passes.

When Madrid look bad, Ronaldo then be the subject of conversation related to the lack of goals made by him. Loh, the eight goals from 12 games is said to be minimal? For other players maybe that number is okay, but it's different when talking to Ronaldo (and Lionel Messi).

Ronaldo was absent in five games earlier this season following a red card earned in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, but after that Ronaldo always play in the last six parties in Madrid La Liga. The result? Ronaldo just make one goal.

Though Ronaldo has released an average of 6.7 shots per game, the number is pretty much for one player, but because the conversion ratio is bad, 2.5 percent, then yes it would be useless.

Another La Liga, another is also the Champions League where the Ronaldo goal tap flows swiftly. Of the four games passed, Ronaldo has made six that make it as top scorer while tournament.

Under Ronaldo there is Harry Kane who has made five goals as well as some players like Edinson Cavani, Wisam Ben Yedder, Mohamed Salah, and Neymar.

What Ronaldo shows today is actually not something strange considering last season he had trouble making goals at the beginning. He could only make two goals from eight La Liga first game before speeding from week 10 to 25.

Then Ronaldo made his way into the treatment room with an injury during the period from February to the end of April which left him dragging goals, before scoring five goals in the last three parties that led Madrid to La Liga champions.

Will this season repeat a similar story? Let's wait.