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Klopp news; Finally Irritated Journalist

The Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, is usually a joking person, along with journalists. But not this time.

The moment was seen in a press conference ahead of Spartak Moscow vs Liverpool matchday 2 matchday Champions League. Klopp as guest manager, initially responding to the journalist's questions about the Reds preparations.

Until the question arose from a journalist question that upset Klopp. The question is very trivial.

The journalist asks who is Klopp's most liked Liverpool player, as is Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauro Pochettino who claims he likes his striker Harry Kane.

Klopp's smiling expression suddenly changed. He also answered with a flat and annoyed.

"I'm really impressed, we're at a Champions League press conference and talking about this," Klopp told the BBC.

Klopp is still trying to restrain his frustration by giving further explanation. Until finally when the translator talks, he cuts it off and lets it pass.

"This is an interesting thing in the UK Pochettino loves Kane and whom I love? That kind of a question? It's a waste of time," Klopp finished and rushed out of the room.

The Liverpool fc News: Coutinho missing against Maribor

The press conference session for Liverpool was followed by goalkeeper Loris Karius. 24-year-old goalkeeper was going to play Klopp replace Simon Mignolet is rotated. Klopp only 11 minutes attended the prematch session.

Liverpool joined Group E with Sevilla, Spartak Moscow and Maribor. Action against Spartak will be held at Otkrytiye Arena on Wednesday (27/09/2017) .