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Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez Admit They Miss Neymar

leapyguide.com - Not yet a season without  Neymar in Barcelona, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, have missed him. Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for 222 million euros this summer.

The Brazilian star ended his four-year journey with Barca after being transferred from Santos in 2013. During the medio, Neymar formed MSN's deadly trident with Suarez and Messi, and the take a part of giving two La Liga titles, three Copa del Rey, one Supercopa de Espana, Champions League, and FIFA Club World Cup.

Not only shows a good teamplay with a combination of quality playing in the field, all three are also friends off the field. Suarez also admitted that he missed Neymar.

"We missed Ney very much on the pitch, especially, he's special, he has said it, we have a lot of fun, he gives us happiness and joy all the time, he is very important to us," Suarez told Sky Sports on Thursday / 11).

"He's playing for another team now, but I do not have a grudge against him, just the opposite.I tried to convince him to stay because I think here is the best place for him, but he has to make a decision."

"Messi and I do things that can benefit the team, but we never say, 'Do not go because you will not be happy' We say we do not want to go, but he is free to do what he wants to do, and because of the friendship we have, very painful he has gone, "Suarez concluded.

Longing the figure of Neymar so perceived Suarez performance dropping this season. He scored three goals and played wide on the left side of attack for replacing Neymar.