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Philippe Coutinho Might be the Main Actor in the Next Transfer Market

PremierLeague - Philippe Coutinho's name again with the news that Barcelona are ready to make a new offer and Liverpool who would have been willing to release the player.

Liverpool v Swansea City - Premier League

There is news Coutinho itself is no longer want to play for the Reds, negotiations were predicted to happen this week.

Interesting when the former Inter Milan director who brought Coutinho in 2008, Marco Branca, spoke up. He ensures that Coutinho can become the biggest player in the January transfer window.

"I remember taking him to Inter for only four million euros," he added.
Indeed now the price of Coutinho certainly not less than 100 million pounds. Liverpool reportedly want to negotiate with an initial price of 130 million pounds.

Negotiations will certainly be very hot and full of drama. Was Liverpool finally getting the money they wanted for Coutinho, or did they manage to keep it? 

Or could Coutinho make a surprise move to realize themselves join to Barcelona? Only time can tell.