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Shoot Again , Lingard!

Jesse Lingard is sharp and familiar with goals lately. He was asked to maximize the positive moment with no hesitation shoot when there is a chance.

Lingard scored one goal as Manchester United won 2-0 at Everton headquarters on Tuesday (2/1/2018) ago. Goals were created beautifully, through hard kick and measured from the front of the penalty box.

The goal not only helped MU to end a series of three-match winless streak in the Premier League, but also marked a sharp period Lingard. Since the end of November, he has made seven goals in nine league games.

Whereas in the previous nine appearances, 25-year player was not able to score a single goal. Ander Herrera called his teammate was in a good moment and should be utilized as well as possible.

If there was a chance to open fire, Lingard had to take it.

"It's fantastic, when you're like that, have to keep trying to shoot, shoot, shoot if I'm not at that moment," Herrera told Sky Sports.

"In that game I shot three times and did not score, but I will keep looking for that moment.Jesse is experiencing it right now He has to keep trying to shoot, but the moves he does for the team are also amazing."

"He's also very fast at the moment, nobody can catch him, we're happy for him, he wants to grow, he wants to be a fantastic player.You can see him in every training session and he shows it in the matches," he added.