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The Sad Story Behind the Absence of David Silva

David Silva has just comeback after missing a number of Manchester City before. There is a sad story behind the absence of the Spanish midfielder.

Silva did not go in the City squad when he beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-1, Newcastle United 1-0, and when offset Crystal Palace goalless. The results of the last game helped end a record victory City who reached 18 matches.

However, Silva returned with a starter in City's victory over Watford 3-1 at Etihad, last night. Initially, Silva's absence was reported for family reasons.

Now, the footballer opens his voice about what really happened. It turns out that Silva's son has a very premature birth and needs intensive medical treatment.

"I want to thank all of your love and prayers that I have received in recent weeks, especially thanks to my team mates, managers and all the parties at the club for the understanding in my situation," Silva wrote in his Instagram account.

"I also want to proclaim the birth of my son, Mateo, who was born very prematurely and is struggling day after day with the help of the medical team."

City awaited the important matches ahead. The Citizens will face Burnley in the FA Cup (6/1), then against Bristol City in the League Cup semi-finals (10/1), before a visit to Anfield to challenge Liverpool in the Premier League continued (14/1).

If we were to be absent again, Silva was welcome. "We are very happy David Silva is back with us We do not know how long he will be with us but you see again today that he is an important player for us," City manager Pep Guardiola said after the victory over Watford.

"David is free to stay or leave whenever he needs it, depending on his family's condition," Guardiola added.