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Who will Replace Countinho in Liverpool if He Leave to Barca?

PremierLeague  - The news about Liverpool player,Philippe Coutinho is getting closer to Barcelona. Coutinho is reportedly no longer willing to play for Liverpool and is ready to encourage the team to release him to Barcelona.

There is news that Liverpool only want to release the players for 130 to 160 million pounds and negotiations between the two sides will begin in the next few days.

Simultaneously Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, opens the opportunity to release Alexis Sanchez this January. Indeed Alexis contract runs out the end of the season and the only way Arsenal get money from the player is to sell him now.


Former England manager Steve McClaren has his own opinion. For him Alexis could be Coutinho's perfect successor in Liverpool.

"I see that Alexis's chances of being released by Arsenal are huge,160 million pounds for Coutinho is a lot of money.You can buy a lot of players with that kind of money, but Liverpool also do not want to lose quality from Coutinho," he said. Sky Sports.

"I can see Alexis joining Liverpool, the player is very ambitious and he is the type of player who can replace Coutinho in the team but when Liverpool already have Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Adam Lallana, they do not need to find a replacement which is so great I'm sure Juergen Klopp's beliefs keep Coutinho, "he concluded.